Why "Nest"?

Just Like Your Home...

NEST comes from four-word messages that we wish to convey to our beloved guests. Nature, Experience, Serenity and Traditional.  

Nature - We preserve the green nature in the stay. Experience - We pledge to give you an unforgettable experience of stay. Serenity - We provide a house that full of serenity to your sleep. Traditional - We taught you the most traditional way to learn Thai culture.     

Our Nest

We call our place NEST! We are all traveller who love to fly everywhere like a bird and bird migration happen every season so the NEST is always the best habitat no matter how far and how long they fly. NEST never a doubt it's the best destination of you, like your second home.

Our properties are designed and built within a philosophy that invites our guests into a state of mind that is called serenity. 

Thoughtfully designed to complement their natural settings, the intentionally exclusive NEST room are renowned for invoking a sense of space and serve as a form of escape for the urban traveller but still retain the feel of home.

Our Concept


Strategically located in the heart of Bangkok, city of Ratchada. NEST offers unparalleled convenience to the shopping district and upscale shopping at Ratchada Train Night Market, Big C Extra, Esplanade Shopping Mall, street food and the nearest public transport is MRT Huai Khwang. Here, style, form and function come together to provide the essential elements the modern family and all kind of traveller seeks in a homestay.

We are also three-minute walk to 7eleven, Family Mart, restaurants, ATM and street food! NEST is one of the most modern and unique homestay in Bangkok. More then just a place to stay, this is where the discerning traveler can enjoy a chic, stylish home away from home which can kill your homesick!

Design & Environment

Boasting personalised, minimalist-style service homestay, NEST is also the only homestay providing with roof top cooking experience with marvellous sunrise view. Each of our 18 rooms is specifically designed for couple, families, groups of friend and a big group traveller. Our cozy room able to cater for two, four, six, eight and nine guests all over the globe. 

Another unique “must-see” is The Roof Top, offering unparalleled sunrise and sunset views of the old Bangkok neighborhood with field of green as well as pots of plant and green that makes the space appear as if floating in the forest while you can relax and chill. 

Our Uniqueness

Something happens when you stay at NEST. Maybe it’s all the little things we do to show we care. From thoughtful touches and friendly service to our warm homestay host welcome, we’re here to make your stay as comfortable as possible, right from the start. The niceness you experience with us stays with you long after you check out, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’re proud to be a full-service homestay, where niceness matters above everything, and where we offer guests all the amenities they know and love, from poolside BBQ to homecook kitchen ready for you for dining. What could be nicer?

Here, you will begin a new chapter of extraordinary modern travel experience.